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**Hello world!** People call me Jay Tea and I'm a C++ software developer and engineer. This blog is meant as a dump for me to put solutions to problems I had a hard time finding solutions to, in the hope that it then helps other people (and future-me) find the solutions faster. And maybe some stuff about general projects of mine. # C++ As already mentioned, I'm C++ developer by profession. Designing and building software systems is my passion and I have been programming in C++ since I was about 15 years old. Naturally, I have started (and trashed) a bunch of projects by now and encountered and solved a lot of problems. I will try to write about some of those in the [C++ section](cpp.html). # Home Server The cloud is just other peoples computers. So why not just using your old PC as a simple server for personal use? This is exactly what I did for the server that is actually serving this website to you right now. You can find how I set this all up in the [Home Server section](server.html) # Social Media You can follow me on Twitter if you want: [@jaytea_](https://twitter.com/jaytea_).